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Arkansas TU chapter 514 is based in the NW corner of our beautiful state. We are one of three active TU chapters located within Arkansas. We have monthly meetings February-May and September-November. Summer break is June-August and winter break is December-January when monthly meetings are not scheduled. However, our chapter will be involved in regional events and tailwater projects throughout the calendar year.

If you are interested in protection, restoration and conservation of our fishable waters, please join us, get involved.

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2015 Board Members/Officers

2015 Board Members/Officers

President - John Sturgis (
VP / Treasurer - Michael Wingo
Board member, Membership chair - Ron Blackwell
Board member, Conservation chair - Brian Kick
Board member, Fundraising chair - Jon Allen
Board member, Youth initiatives - Jeff Belk
Board member, Women's initiatives - Jill Rohrbach
Board member - Lee Ward

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