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Arkansas Chapter Trout Unlimited

To join us, please visit Trout Unlimited and join thru the national office website.

You will become a member of TU National and will be assigned to a specific local chapter (there are no local fees/dues/assessments). It is important to select our chapter number 514 under the select chapter field of the signup form.


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Volunteers Opportunities

Conservation Banquet.

This is the principal fund raising event of the Arkansas Chapter, normally held in March. There are a number of opportunities associated with the event. The key ones are event planning, solicitation of merchandise and services, and banquet setup.

Youth Education

Our Chapter supports a number of Youth fishing programs in area schools. The sponsors of these programs can always use help in teaching fly casting, fly tying, conservation principals, and coaching on field trips to area lakes and streams.

Adult Education and Outreach.

Our Chapter supports several adult oriented programs; they are Casting for Recovery, Reel Recovery, and Project Healing Waters. Each of these programs teach fly casting, fly tying, and have time on the water coaching participants as they learn to catch fish. Casting for Recovery works with breast cancer survivors, Reel Recovery works with male cancer survivors, and Project Healing Waters works with our Disabled Veterans.

Learn to Fly Fish Days.

Several times a year (usually in December and January) our Chapter sponsors events to introduce people to Fly Fishing for Trout. These programs are done in conjunction with the AGFC’s Urban Fishing Program. Each winter, AGFC stocks trout in Murphy Park (Springdale) and Lake Atalanta (Rogers). The role of our volunteers is to teach basic fly casting and then coach participants as they attempt to catch fish.

Stream Action.

From time to time, our Chapter becomes involved in projects designed to protect and restore stream habitat. This could be anything from stream cleanup projects to habitat improvement.

New Volunteer Opportunities

Perhaps you have an idea for a new project not included on this list. We are always looking for new ways we can extend the Mission of Trout Unlimited. Let us know about your idea.

Many men go fishing their whole lives without knowing it's not fish they are after.

Henry David Thoreau - 1817-1862, American author, Poet, Philosopher

Our Mission

To conserve, protect and restore North America's cold water fisheries and their watersheds.